Damn, Green Hornet is Still Not Dead

Bloody Hell. Seth Rogen’s version of the Green Hornet is still alive and kicking over at Sony. Or at least, it’s still kicking in the sense that someone at Sony hadn’t killed the abortion of a movie that this is destined to be just yet. Seriously, what the hell were the studios thinking? “Oh hey, look, people seem to get a kick out of the pudgy guy with the guttural voice — let’s give him the Green Hornet to star, produce, write, and maybe even direct!” Oh vey. What were they thinking?

Anyways, for the three pathetic souls out there looking forward to Rogen’s take on this movie, CHUD has a bit of an update.

Rogen and [co-writer] Goldberg have been hard at work hammering out a draft and figuring out what kind of tone they’d like to strike. Their options boil down to this: were they writing Kato as a Jet Li-type asskicker or a more comedic (but still formidable) Stephen Chow type. It sounded like Rogen and Goldberg were leaning toward Chow last year, and, happily, that hasn’t changed: they definitely want some Chow. What they don’t want, however, is a bumbling Green Hornet; preferably, the film’s comedy would come out of a less traditional take on the hero/sidekick relationship. In Rogen’s own words, “No movie has done this since Batman and Robin.”

Rogen also stressed that they’re writing “serious” action – and while they’re not scripting with a budget in mind, he sees it as a $70 million – $100 million production.

To summarize: It ain’t dead, yet.

But that will probably change when the studio finally sees the script. If not, then they’re begging for a bomb, because no one is going to go see the guy from “Knocked Up” suit up as a superhero, as much as all the Judd Apatow fanboys in the movie community keep trying to convince you it’s a good idea.


Entertainment Weekly reports that the film has been greenlit, with Sony expecting a June 2010 release date. Yes, Summer. Sony thinks this movie is good enough that it’s going to release it in the Summer.

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