Damon and Greengrass Talk Bourne 4

Let’s face it, despite what they’re saying, Matt Damon is coming back as Jason Bourne and Paul Greengrass is coming back to direct the franchise’s fourth installment. Why? Because even when they were asked about it by Empire, neither men Said No, and in fact both said the same trademark Hollywood answers: “If the script’s good, blah blah blah.” Basically, back up the brink truck, give me a half-decent script, but don’t forget the brink truck, and Bourne 4 is happening and everyone gets rich. Or at least that’s my translation. See what both men said for yourself.


“We’ve just kind of been amused by the whole thing,” said Matt Damon. “I think it’s one of these stories that has a life of it’s own. Not that we’re against it, we’re all for doing a fourth movie but it means coming up with a good story. There are a lot of things that would have to happen before we would sign up for it.”

So, that’s what the leading man says, but what say the director? “What does Matt say?” asks Greengrass. “He says yes? It’s news to me. I think the truth is that it’s a very well loved franchise, but we’re in the process of trying to work out what kind of film you could make. If there is one, what would it be? How it could go? Without any pressure; without any commitment to it, but everybody loved the franchise. We love it, but none of us would want to go again unless we’re sure there’s a worthwhile film and that could take some time. You don’t want to do that when you feel like you’ve got to make it and none of us need to, so that’s where we are”.

Like I said: back up the brink truck and hire a decent screenwriter and Bourne 4 is on like donkey kong.

Damon and Greengrass Talk Bourne 4