Dance Flick Trailer and Poster. Why? Because Someone Has to.

The Wayans Brothers (yes, all 50 of them) are back with a new spoof movie, this time a spoof of all those really, really bad dance movies that you kids seem to love so much, called “Dance Flick”. Why not “Dance Movie”, you ask? Well I’m glad you’re so curious, curious laddies. Probably because that title was already taken by the other 60 guys who do spoof movies as a career in Hollywood. Plus, “flick” just sounds more urban. Now you may be asking yourself: “Wait, self, aren’t all those teen dance movies already parodies of themselves? What with their awful acting, barely competent screenwriting, and completely gratuitous use of gyrating flesh?” Well yes, they are, but dammit, don’t tell the Wayans that. It looks like they’ve got a hit on their hands here. Or at least, a movie that’ll feed the Wayans brood for the next 3 years, anyway.

The plot, such as it is: Shoshana Bush plays a white girl who goes to a dance school, falls in love with a black guy (played by one of the Wayans, I suppose, since he sorta looks like him, but I don’t think I’ve seen him before), and gets into all sorts of hilarity. The Wayans write, act, direct, and caters this sure-to-be crowd pleaser.