Dane Cook as the Riddler in Batman 3? Only in my Dreams.

Or is that nightmare? I can’t remember which. In any case, MTV, as they are wont to do, recently asked comedian/actor Dane Cook what comic book character he’d most like to play, and Cook mentioned The Riddler for the Nolan “Batman” films. Or as Cook puts it, “that would be bad-ass.” Check out the full interview below.

Dane Cook is a pretty hit-and-miss comedian. You either love him or you don’t. There doesn’t seem to be any real middle ground when it comes to his comedy. I liked him in the beginning — his energy onscreen is awesome. But I haven’t really followed him in the last few years, mostly because I’m all about Brian Regan now, and Cook’s crazy, flipping out onstage doesn’t do it for me anymore.

But hey, Cook as the Riddler in a “Batman 3”? I guess that would be okay. To be honest with you, I’d prefer never to see the Riddler in any of Nolan’s “Batman” movies. Ever. But maybe that’s just me. MTV recently took a poll of their readers, and the Riddler seems to be the primary choice. Then again, since when does anyone take anything MTV viewers “want” seriously?