Daniel Craig Takes Credit for Stupid Bond Title, Solace Music Video

So why did they call the latest Bond movie “Quantum of Solace”? Apparently it’s all Daniel Craig’s fault. Or as Craig seems to put it, he fought tooth and nail to get that title for Bond 22, named after a short story by Bond creator Ian Fleming. And he’s happy about it, too. The producers wanted to push an even more ludicrous name on Craig, but the star would have none of it. It’s “Quantum of Solace” or he walks. Well, not really, but you know, when the star of your movie says he hates the title you came up with, and has one of his own to “recommend”, that’s sort of Hollywood speak for, “Take the title I’m giving you, or else I walk. Suckers!”

Craig brags to GQ magazine (via):

“I was involved in making the decision. Names were coming out, some ludicrous stuff was going back and forth – I can’t remember exactly, but you know the sort of thing: ‘The Blood On Your Face’.

“I knew I didn’t want ‘death’, ‘die’, ‘bleed’ or any of those things in the title.”

But the actor admits that in the great tradition of Bond movies, the film’s title is often meaningless.

He adds, “As soon as it came out, people were saying, ‘Ooh, it sounds like Harry Potter’. No, it’s Quantum of Solace. I was saying, ‘It’s a Bond title!’

“The name of a Bond film is not about anything. Live And Let Die? Octopussy? What does it mean? It means very little.”

What? Octopussy is meaningless? Now I haven’t seen every Bond movie ever made, but I thought that was the name of a character. Wasn’t it? See, this is what happens when you don’t pay attention to Bond movies. It’s not my fault, really. These things are always so damn long, I end up dozing off around the two hour mark during every single one. What was that movie where Bond went to Thailand and fought midgets?

Anyhoo. If you don’t like the title of “Quantum of Solace”, you now know who to blame. It’s all Daniel Craig’s fault. Oh well. At least they didn’t go with something like, “Kill Die Kill Death Below”. I hear Steven Seagal’s already trademark that for his next movie.

UPDATE: And here’s “Quantum of Solace’s” theme song by Jack White and Alicia Keys. Sounds, er, not so much Bondish.