Director Daniel Dahl Takes On Thailand In The Action Flick Killing Heat

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Killing Heat (2012) Movie Image

I have a much higher tolerance for low-budget cinema than most people, which would explain why I was drawn to director Daniel Dahl’s $5,000 action flick “Killing Heat.” A friend told me it sounded like something I would enjoy, and, not surprisingly, he was correct in his assessment. That’s mostly because I’m predictable when it comes to cinema. I guess that’s a good thing, otherwise I may have missed out on this. Forgive me — it’s late and I’m excited about something. It happens that way sometimes.

Before diving into the trailer, read this synopsis:

When JD is fired from his dull desk job, two of his old college buddies invite him to Thailand for some old fashion R&R. Landing at Bangkok airport he meets his old pals John Walker and Gordon Goldman, who both have become successful international businessmen in Thailand.

Straight to Pattaya, the city of sin, his friends promise him a vacation he’ll never forget. JD quickly learns the ropes of the bar-life and is having the time of his life. His friends get a crisis-call from their biggest client, Mr. Suntory, and abruptly leave JD alone in the world’s biggest red-light district. Not wanting to miss out on any fun, JD continues his heavy drinking until he passes out.

Hungover and thirsty, JD wakes up in the boiling hot jungle with no idea where he is and no memory of how he got there. With no mobile reception, no money and only Viagra in his pockets, JD starts his journey back to civilization. Battling both heat and humidity, he finds himself more and more on the brink of total meltdown, all the while getting mixed up in a dispute he understands nothing of.

“Killing Heat” stars Kenny Wang, Daniel Dahl, and Kim Andersen. Wang also helped out with the script. The trailer for the flick has been embedded below. Wanna learn more? You gotta swing by the official Facebook page. It’s the only path to enlightenment I have to offer.

Note: The trailer below is for a flick called “Killing Heat: Kenny Wang vs. the People of Thailand.” It’s the same movie. I promise. You should still watch it.

Author: Todd Rigney

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