Danny Boyle is Considering 28 Weeks Later Sequel

Danny Boyle’s zombies (I think he’s since gave in to calling them zombies now) came, saw, and ate heartedly in “28 Days Later”, and they did likewise in “28 Weeks Later”. And now, Danny Boyle is considering returning to the land of the dead in a sequel to “Weeks”, or so one would assume in this interview with SlashFilm. I had always intended to see “28 Weeks Later”, but for one reason or another, never got around to it. (I’ll probably catch it on DVD.) At the end of the film, it was shown that the infection had escaped Britain, and was now poised to munch on the French and most of Europe. That was where a second sequel (third installment in the franchise) would take place if one should be made, which in itself is in doubt considering the lackluster box office of “Weeks”.

Here’s what Boyle said about his ideas for a third installment:

“I’ve got an idea for it. I didn’t think I would have, because I didn’t want to do the second one. I did do some second unit shooting for them one weekend, just to get myself out of the cutting room. It’s been so long doing this film [Sunshine],” said Boyle. “And I really enjoyed it, doing something trashy like Zombies killing people. That’s basically what I shot all weekend and I was like “˜WOW, this is great! You just come in and kill him! That’s what we’re going to shoot today.”

Instead of continuing the story in Europe, Boyle is eyeing Russia.

“It’s to do with Russia actually. It’s to do with that part of the world. NOT FRANCE. The second film hints that it gets to France eventually, and wipes out the French. But this third idea is actually more to do with Russia, but that’s actually all I can say,” said Boyle. “I don’t know whether it will happen.”

Again, there’s no guarantee that a third installment will even be considered, considering how poorly “28 Weeks Later” did. But if Boyle was willing to lower the budget, and maybe even go back to the budget he had with the original, then whose to say a third couldn’t be made at a decent price?

(And what would they call it, anyway? “28 Months Later”? That would seem appropriate, but then again, we know how wacky the “I Know What You Did Last Summer” sequels have gotten because of people trying to be too clever by a half with the titles…)