Danny Boyle to Direct Bond 23?

Yes, says British tabloid newspaper of somewhat questionable repute. According to the UK’s The Sun, Danny Boyle, who just cleaned up at the Oscars with his tale of slumdogs and millionaires, has been offered the plum gig of directing Bond’s next outing. According to the paper’s unnamed source, the offer came from Bond producer Barbara Broccoli herself.

The Sun quotes their source as saying this:

“He has been offered the chance to direct the 23rd Bond film by Barbara. The EON team love his vision and think that it would work perfectly for the new look of Bond.

“Danny has always insisted he is more interested in the film than the money.

“However, with Daniel Craig’s involvement and the way the films are now structured — with the emphasis on the characters and plot rather than gags and gadgets — it is right up Danny’s street.

“Everyone on the EON team thinks Danny would be a fantastic addition to the Bond family.”

Marc Foster, who directed Bond’s latest outing “Quantum of Solace”, has already declared that he would not return to direct another Bond movie. Which leaves the Bond 23 gig wide open. So why not Boyle? The current Bond, with his reliance on grit and grunge rather than gadgets, is right up Boyle’s alley.

Below: Daniel Craig is ready to flee zombies. Er, I mean, infected people.