Danny Huston Joins Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood

Apparently Ridley Scott didn’t need an actor for King Richard until now — THR reports that Scott’s currently in-production movie “Robin Hood”, starring Russell Crowe as the vigilante hero, has cast Danny Huston (recently in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”) as King Richard. Richard is a real historical figure, and was more commonly known as Richard the Lionheart because of his exploits during the Third Crusade. They did a lot of those back in the day, the Crusades. Apparently anyone who was anyone had to go at least once, or so I’ve heard.

Huston will be segueing into “Robin Hood” after wrapping up his part on Louis Leterrier’s “Clash of the Titans” remake, where he played the God Poseidon, king of the sea and fishes and all things wet. He’ll join a “Robin Hood” cast that’s headlined by Crowe as the titular character and Cate Blanchett as Maid Marion. The film also co-stars Matthew Macfadyen, Mark Strong, Kevin Durand, Rhys Ifans, William Hurt, Scott Grimes, and Eileen Atkins.

“Robin Hood” is scheduled to land in theaters 2010.

Below: Man those Crusades sure look like fun. Minus the whole death part.