Danny Trejo And Stephen Lang Join Gina Carano Vehicle In The Blood

Danny TrejoThe transition from athlete to actor is a tricky one. Former MMA champion Gina Carano has handled it fairly well. While she’s certainly not going to blow your mind with her acting aplomb, so far she’s picked roles that fit her particular skill set, or at least worked with people who know the best way to use her. She has a definite screen presence, and handles her business in action scenes. Her fights in “Haywire” were great, and she has a realness that makes you actually believe that she could take down. And unlike some of her predecessors (think fellow MMA fighter Randy Couture—if you don’t believe me, watch “Hijacked”), her acting isn’t all that bad.

Carano is getting some experienced company in her next film, the action thriller “In the Blood”. Danny Trejo (“Machete”) and Stephen Lang (“Avatar”) are in talks to join production. John Stockwell (“Blue Crush”, and as an actor in “Top Gun”) will handle the directing duties on the script from Bennett Yellin and James Robert Johnston, the duo behind “Joy Ride 2” (with a polish job from Sean Finnegan and Gregg Parker).

Stephen LangThe plot of “In the Blood” follows “a wife whose husband disappears while they are vacationing in the Caribbean. The grieving wife passionately and recklessly pursues the men she believes kidnapped and killed him.” Lang would play Carano’s father. Of course he taught her, from a young age, how to be a total badass. Trejo, surprise, would appear some manner of tough guy who more than likely gets his ass kicked by the former Strikeforce title holder. But the character’s name is Big Biz, which is a definite plus.

Via : Heat Vision