Danny Trejo is the Law in the New Russian Comedy Ticket to Vegas

Ticket to Vegas (2013) Movie Image

Danny Trejo? Russian comedy? Sex? Violence? Elvis impersonators? I’ll bite. While my knowledge of Russian cinema is sadly limited to the work of producer, writer, and director Timur Bekmambetov, I’m always open to learning more whenever I can. Should “Ticket to Vegas” (aka “Bilet na Vegas”) arrive in the States — given Trejo’s Stateside appeal, I’d be surprised if it doesn’t — I may have to give it a go. We’ll see what happens.

This synopsis should help explain the plot:

Four Russian friends come from Moscow to Las Vegas to get 5 million dollars they’ve won in lottery. But everything goes wrong, when they discover that someone stole their winning ticket.

Rumors has it Trejo will play a law enforcement officer by the name of Mister Chich in the upcoming comedy. The film is set to open in Russian theaters on January 24, 2013. I haven’t heard if the flick has North American distribution, though I can’t imagine that distributors wouldn’t want to cash in on the popularity of Machete himself.

You can check out a pair of trailers for “Ticket to Vegas” below.

Ticket to Vegas (2013) Movie Image

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