Danny Trejo Says Machete Sequel is Already Written, Optimistic About a Trilogy

Because, obviously, one movie about a pissed of Mexican slicing people to pieces isn’t nearly enough. The world needs at least two more. At least according to “Machete” star Danny Trejo, who revealed to the boys at Bloody-Disgusting that he’s been informed by Robert Rodriguez himself that a sequel to their “Machete” has already been written, and will be titled “Machete Kills”, with a third film to be called “Machete Kills Again”. Hey, nobody said these guys were geniuses at coming up with movie titles.

Says Trejo:

I asked him when he was going to write it and he says it’s written, so we can get started pretty quick. We went all over the world with that movie and people kept having me sign these Machete action figures, it was a lot of fun. I don’t even think Robert Rodriguez even expected that reception and now everyone is waiting for Machete 2 so hurry up Robert Rodriguez!

I love how he refers to Rodriguez as “Robert Rodriguez”, even though from what I’ve seen, they’re pretty good friends. They would have to be, since Rodriguez puts Trejo in all of his movies, and even created a franchise just for him.

As for the sequels, “Machete” was made on a very modest budget of $10.5 million and was shot and chopped in Rodriguez’s usual “hair on fire” style, which usually means it was done on the cheap with minimum fuss. It did decent domestic business, topping off at $26 million, and worldwide the film has made north of $37 million. Not exactly a runaway hit, but good enough for a sequel or two, perhaps? We shall see.

'Hey, Danny, is that a machete in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?'