Dapper New Poster for the Hong Kong Action Flick My Kingdom

I’d heard a little bit about this endeavor from a friend of mine, but he never once mentioned the fact that kung fu veteran Yuen Biao was in the movie. Directed by Gao Xiaosong and featuring action choreography from none other than Sammo Hung, the upcoming Hong Kong actioner “My Kingdom” has the potential to be an enormous amount of fun. Even if the story is beyond bearable, at least we’ll have Hung’s patented brand of martial arts insanity to keep our interest piqued. Theoretically speaking, of course. After all, I haven’t quite perfected my ability to gaze into the future.

Here’s what the film is all about:

In the closing days of the 19th century, the Prince Regent of the crumbling Qing Dynasty orders the mass execution of the entire Meng clan. Before his beheading in a crowded Beijing marketplace, the Meng clan leader vows that his family will avenge this travesty of justice. Awaiting his death, a five-year-old Meng boy named Erkui bravely sings an aria. The power and purity of his voice touches the onlookers including opera star Master Yu Shengying and his seven-year-old pupil Guan Yilong. Deeply moved, Master Yu rescues the boy and the two orphans, Yilong and Erkui, become brothers.

Years later, Master Yu wins the coveted golden “Da Wu Sheng” (“The Mightiest Warrior”) plaque from the Prince Regent, but subsequently loses it in a duel with his archrival Master Yue Jiangtian. Banished from the stage upon his loss, Master Yu spends his time training Yilong and Erkui in Peking Opera and martial arts, perfecting their skills. When the boys grow into men, they set off for Shanghai to pursue revenge and reclaim the plaque from Master Yue.

Once they reach Shanghai, they quickly defeat Master Yue, reclaiming not only the plaque but also becoming the new masters of Yue’s opera troupe. Almost overnight, they become sensations of the Shanghai opera scene along with Master Yue’s protégé and former lover, the beautiful actress Xi Mulan. But soon, their collective pasts catch up with them and all three ends up in a complex web of love, lust, deceit and betrayal, ultimately ending in tragedy.

“My Kingdom” stars Wu Chun, Barbie Hsu, and Han Geng. The aforementioned poster resides below.

via Film Smash