Daredevil Appears to be Heading Back Home to Marvel Studios After All

Daredevil Comic Book

So how close was Joe Carnahan to actually making “Daredevil” for Fox? Kinda close. Or at least, kinda close enough that he went and voluntarily cut himself a “sizzle reel” to show the suits at Fox what kind of “Daredevil” movie he had planned. Not that it matters anymore, as according to the trades, Fox has apparently decided that they’d rather not pursue The Man Without Fear, and will allow the rights to revert back to Marvel Studios as early as next week. Marvel will now welcome back DD, who is the latest superhero to return to the Marvel stable after The Punisher and Blade made their triumphant return a few years ago.

But back to Carnahan and his proposed, apparently very funky ’70s “Daredevil” movie. After the avalanche of response to this morning’s tweet, Carnahan added this bit:

He later teased the video below, before actually posting it. No, there are no original footage here, just scenes from various movies that Carnahan edited together to give you an idea of what he had in mind. The reel includes scenes from Mark Steven Johnson’s much-derided 2003 movie “Daredevil” starring Ben Affleck. Oh, irony.

Via : THR