Preview: Dario Argento’s Mother of Tears: The Third Mother

Witches, dark museums, and Rome. Oh my! All those things and more in Dario Argento’s “Mother of Tears” (aka “La Terza madre”), starring his daughter Asia Argento and Israeli model Moran Atias as — get ready for it — an ancient evil witch who is resurrected in present-day Rome to wreak havoc. This is the third and concluding installment of Argento’s “Mother of Tears” trilogy, which includes 1977’s “Suspiria” and 1980’s “Inferno”. Thanks to Myriad Pictures, we have a complete preview of the film, including a gaggle of bloody stills and trailer to whet your appetite.

So what’s it about?

An ancient urn chained to a coffin is unhearted by chance by some men at work along the road bordering the Viterbo’s cemetery. The urn contains an age-old tunic and some objects belonging to Mater Lacrimarum, the Third Mother (Moran Atias). The only survivor of the Three Mothers – three powerful witches who had been shedding blood and terror for aeons – Mater Lacrimarum (the Mother of Tears) has been hiding in Rome for centuries and her awakening triggers a chain of mysterious and terrible events: the Evil is back to cast its dark shadow over the city.

Sarah Mandy (Asia Argento), a young student of restoration, co-worker and love’s interest of Michael Pierce (Adam James), the curator of the Museum of Ancient Art of Rome, is involved in the escalating and increasingly frantic episodes of violence. Sarah tries to run away but she cannot: the Third Mother is looking for her and Sarah is not aware of the fact that her mother Elisa Mandy (Daria Nicolodi) was a powerful white witch brutally killed by Mater Suspiriorum, the witch from Fryeburg.

Helped by the spirit of her mother, by an eminent esoterism academic, Guglielmo De Witt (Philippe Leroy), and by the Chief Constable Marchi (Cristian Solimeno), Sarah realizes that she has no way out and that she must face the impending threat…

Starring Asia Argento, Cristian Solimeno, Adam James, Moran Atias, Udo Kier, Robert Madison, and Jun Ichikawa, and directed by Dario Argento.

The film is scheduled for release in the States on June 6, 2008, so check your local listings.

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Mother of Tears: The Third Mother Movie

Mother of Tears: The Third Mother Movie