Dark and Disturbing Trailer for Lucky McKee’s The Woman

What would you do if you found a wild woman living in the woods? Why, take her home and chain her up in the basement, of course! “May” director Lucky McKee and author Jack Ketchum have joined forces for “The Woman”, a film about a family who decides to keep a feral female as a pet. Classy! The film caused quite a stir during it’s festival run, though judging from the trailer embedded below, it’s easy to understand why. McKee and company are having quite a bit of fun with the material, which is always a plus when you’re dealing with controversial subject matter. Especially if you’re a sick and twisted individual. Self-proclaimed.

Monster Pictures has acquired the rights to film in Australia, and are planning a theatrical run shortly. Bloody Disgusting Selects, meanwhile, will handle Stateside distribution for the title, though there’s no word when, exactly, we’ll have a chance to see it. Let’s hope it’s soon. Very soon.

The trailer awaits.

Source: Horror-Movies.ca