Dark Castle Announces 3 More

hilton.jpg(Article by Robert Lewis) Call me out if I’m wrong, but back when it was launched in good old 1999, wasn’t the entire purpose (gimmick, I should say) of Joel Silver’s Dark Castle Entertainment was to remake a slew of classic William Castle fright pictures for the latest generation of horror film fans? They started off fine with the fun, yet wholesomely effective, House on Haunted Hill. Then they moved along with the abysmally disappointing, though still a remake, Thri13een Ghosts (man, I was really looking forward to that one). Followed by “originals” Ghost Ship and Gothika, both of which would have fared better by not being brought to the screen at all (I know, I’m harsh). Two years passed…yada…yada…YADA…then came the company’s return to their redux rootings with the Paris Hilton starring Texas Cha–I’m sorry, House of Wax. And the lackluster The Reaping is their most current offering. What more is there to say about a film featuring a plague of crop-eating locusts and a swamp swollen with blood? It could’ve been cool…but it wasn’t.

Well get ready horror fans, cause mighty Mr. Silver and his band of horror inept producers are sharpening the tips of three more “original” genre darts to toss at screens come next year. Under the illusive Dark Castle banner, such schlock like supernatural thrillers Widow Whisps and Odds (being developed with Benderspink’s JC Spink and Chris Bender) and Cheerleaders in Trouble, a trashy sounding “homage to 1980s slasher pics”, will have us rolling our eyes in repetitive agony as early as late 2008.

In addition, the company’s straight-to-video sequel (shouldn’t they all be?) to House on Haunted Hill, geniusly titled Return to House on Haunted Hill, is set to hit store shelves before the Halloween holiday. Expect LOTS of naughty nurses in that one…