Dark Knight Merchandising Images

According to the guys over at Latino Review, these new images from “Batman: The Dark Knight” are for merchandising purposes; i.e. white background that can be replaced with something Warner wants to slap them on (one presumes, Happy Meals, toy packages, etc). The images were originally posted over at some place called Uruloki and features Batman and the creepy ass Joker. Seriously, that is one creepy Joker.


Images removed by threat of lawsuit from the swell fellas over at Warner. Because, you know, we can’t have people posting images of Batman and the Joker because, Gosh, no one has seen them before, and having images of them posted will just about doom the movie to failure! I mean, it’s not like the Joker hasn’t already been seen by a billion people when they showed up on the cover of Empire Magazine. Right?


Check here and here to see if they’re still up.