Darren Aronofsky is Still Attached to Robocop?

Last we heard, director Darren Aronofsky had left MGM’s planned reboot of their “Robocop” franchise over the differences involved with 3D — MGM wanted to cash in on the gimmick, but Aronofsky, being of sound mind and un-sheep-like, said, “Screw that” (or something to that effect) and walked. But did he? Not so, according to “Robocop” reboot writer David Self, who told STYD a different story at the red carpet of “The Wolfman” premiere. In short, as far as he knows, everything’s going as planned.

“I’m still involved with it and Darren Aronofsky’s still involved with it. He’s making another movie right now (“Black Swan”), but we’re waiting for MGM, to sort things out since they’re a large corporation and it’s a situation where we have to be practical. We’re waiting to continue with them, we hope that that happens soon and we can get back to it soon.”

I would like to believe that Self is wrong, or just misinformed, and that Aronofsky has indeed walked because of the studio’s insistence that he tailor his movie to the 3D form. I would like to believe that, but Self would know more than some kids on the Internet, so… Then again, since when has the writer been told anything about a movie? The writers are always the last to know in Hollywood.

I would love to see a “Robocop” reboot from someone like Aronofsky (anyone else at the helm, and this thing is a hack job), but man, I would also like to see this 3D crap die out already. Really, it’s goddamn annoying having to go to the movie theater and be forced to wear extremely uncomfortable plastic glasses for two hours.

If I see you wearing 3D glasses again, you're dead meat, got it, scumbag?