Darren Aronofsky is Still on Robocop Reboot

Earlier this week there were fanboy rumblings that Darren Aronofsky had jumped ship on a reboot of “Robocop”, based on something someone said when someone somewhere asked Aronofsky about the “Robocop” reboot. This caused enough of a fanboy fervor (i.e. people blogged about it), thus prompting the boys at AICN to put in a call to the man himself. (See, I would have called Aronofsky myself to confirm or deny this report, but, you know, I was busy with stuff.) According to Aronofsky, he isn’t going anywhere, but apparently neither is the script.

Says the “Pi” director:

“No, Still on it.”

See? Told you he said he was still on it. And I bet you didn’t believe me, did you? This’ll teach you.

Below: “Hi there, anyone home? I knocked but no one answered. Sorry about the wall.”