Darren Aronofsky Setting Up The General Post-Noah

Darren AronofskyAlthough he’s still in the midst of casting and eventually shooting his Biblical epic “Noah” for 2014, his re-telling of the famous dude with the big ol boat, “Black Swan” director Darren Aronofsky is apparently already eyeing his follow-up — another “re-telling”, this time based on the life and times of some guy name George Washington. I think he did something really famous or some such back in the day.

Aronofsky is currently talking with the folks over at Paramount Pictures to set up his pic, to be titled “The General”. The idea behind Aronofsky’s version is to tell the Washington story as “more of an ‘Unforgiven’-like tale rather than a straight historical drama”.

I honestly have no idea how that’s going to even work. I may not have paid all that much attention to American history in school, but I don’t quite recall any moment where George Washington picked up a 12-gauge shotgun and shot up a saloon. That is, once he had run down some cowboys for cutting up a hooker.

But hey, it’s Aronofsky. Everything this guy does fascinates me. He made ballet interesting, for God’s sake, and I’m dying to see what he does with Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly on “Noah”. That’ll be a while, though, since “Noah” is being set for 2014, still a long ways off.

George Washington Crossing the Delaware

Via : Variety