Darren Aronofsky Still Want To Remake RoboCop, Someday

A few years ago MGM announced that they were remaking Paul Verhoeven’s 1987 classic “RoboCop”. Darren Aronofsky even signed on to direct to film. Eventually, he left the project due to differing opinions on 3D, and given MGM’s recent financial woes, the whole thing found it’s way to the garbage pile. Aronofsky moved on to “Black Swan”, his psychological ballet thriller, and “The Wolverine”, which will start filming next year, but apparently he still has a yen to update “RoboCop”.

While talking to The Playlist about “Black Swan”, the topic of “RoboCop” came up, and this is what Aronofsky had to say:

“Well, ‘RoboCop’ may still happen one day, who knows? It’s MGM and hopefully they’ll clear their stuff up and I’m still interested. David Self (“Road to Perdition”) wrote a great script, but the company went under so…”

On principle, I’m generally opposed to remakes, though I’ve had to accept that their increasing prominence in the market is inevitable and I’ll never be able to be away from them. That said, if anyone absolutely has to remake “RoboCop”, I’d rather it be Aronofsky than pretty much anyone else.

The original “RoboCop” caused quite a stir at my tenth birthday party. My parents rented it for me, and willingly enough popped it in the VCR, though immediately after ED-209 shreds the hapless, low-level executive, they turned it off, fearing angry phone calls from the less cinematically enlightened parents of my party guests. In retrospect that seems like a wise decision, though they did let me watch it later that night, and my life has never really been quite the same.

Who knows if this will actually happen. “The Wolverine” will most likely take up a sizeable chunk of Aronofsky’s time, and after that he might direct something called “Machine Man”, which sounds a little bit “RoboCop-y”, and is based on an online serial (why can’t someone remake “Mann and Machine”? That show ruled.). And then there’s the issue of whether or not MGM can get their shit together (though with rumors that “Bond 23” is happening again, may things are turning in that direction). By the time Aronofsky has a free minute, maybe MGM will have everything sorted out. To quote the great Gary Busey, “I guess we’ll just see what we’ll see”.