Darren Aronofsky Talks up his Batman Film That Never Was But May One Day Be…?

Let’s face it, once Christopher Nolan wraps “The Dark Knight Rising”, his third in the franchise and moves on to other pastures, Warner Bros. will be looking for someone to take over the franchise. It’s a given. Who better than Darren Aronofsky? Especially if the “Black Swan” director’s “Wolverine” sequel turns out really, really well? (Then again, compared to what Gavin Hood did with the first “Wolverine” movie, ol Darren would have to screw up royally to not produce something better, wouldn’t he?)

In any case, while still out doing the promo rounds for his “Black Swan” (awards season and all that), Darren Aronofsky was asked about that long-dead “Batman: Year One” movie he was working on before he abandoned the Bat-verse completely. (Rumor had Aronofsky actually offered “Batman Begins” but declined, leading to Nolan taking over.) Aronofsky tells some site I’ve never heard of called ClothesonFilms (via IGN):

Well, we’re actually doing one. It hasn’t really been announced, I don’t know if I should give you the scoop! But we’re getting there. We’re doing a comic book of a script that’s really hard to make and we’re going to do a comic version first and see what happens…

Innnnnnnnnnteresting. Sounds like he’s saying they’re going to try out his story in comic book form before, possibly, making a movie out of it. Or at the very least, he still sounds very keen on eventually doing a Batman story, and what better way to do that than to take over when Nolan leaves after “The Dark Knight Rises”?

Of course, everything will depend on how Aronofsky does with the “Wolverine” sequel. If that movie turns out badly, well, you can probably kiss a Aronofsky-directed Batman movie goodbye.