Darren Aronofsky Wants You To Feel Good About The Wolverine

Director Darren Aronofsky is comfortable making “The Wolverine”, a big budget superhero film, and he wants you to be okay with it, too. A lot of people are more than curious to see what happens when a man who is most known for making movies that challenge audiences and that aren’t always easy to watch, gets in bed with Fox and conspires to bring a well known comic book character to the big screen. If nothing else, it should be interesting to watch.

On the road promoting “Black Swan”, which opens on December 3rd, Aronofsky sat down and offered up some of his reasoning behind making this movie, now, with these people. While it stands to reason that he is enthusiastic about the project, he contrasts the proceedings so far with his previous films. How is “The Wolverine” different, you might ask, it’s fun. He says,

“Every single film I’ve done so far, I’ve been the only person in the room who wants to make the movie. And I kind of am excited about doing a film where actually everyone wants to make it — just to see what the experience is like and see if I can do what I do in that world. It’s not like I’m going to change my process. I’m going to be working with the same team and making, really trying to do something very, very different.”

While it is reassuring to hear that Aronofsky isn’t going to change his approach because of the size and scale of “The Wolverine”, will working in a different environment intrinsically alter the film? How much of substance of his previous films comes from the battles he had to fight to get them made? How much of that conflict carried over into the finished product? Will making a film in more conducive setting, not having to constantly be on guard, ready to defend himself from attack at any moment, dull some sensibility in Aronofsky, and consequently impact “The Wolverine”?

Who knows? Aronofsky doesn’t seem to think it will be a problem. Hopefully having people who want to make a movie with you will make it that much easier to make the movie you want. He seems determined to make his own film, regardless of any external pressure. He goes on to say,

“I think I’m being hired because of who I am. I’m not being hired to turn into someone. I’m being hired to do what I do. I don’t know exactly if [Tom Rothman, Fox’s head] knows what he’s bought, but we’re going to make something great.”

This implies that Fox hired Aronofsky because he is something of a maverick, because they want him to make a different kind of movie. Which is certainly what Wolverine as a character needs after the atrocity that was “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. The story will deal with the time that Logan/Wolverine spent in Japan, and Aronofsky reiterates the fact that this is not a sequel, and stands alone, apart from the previous films, as well as the universe of the comic.

You can watch the entire interview below, from MCN via /Film,