Russell Crowe is Wanted For Noah … and Robocop? – UPDATED

Darren AronofskyFor a guy who has delivered as many good movies as he has, and has a buttload of critical acclaim to show for it, Darren Aronofsky sure is having a difficult time getting an A-list Hollywood leading man to front his epic “Noah” movie. What’s an Award-winning director gotta do to get a movie star in this here biblical epic?

Lots, as it turns out.

After failing to get Christian Bale, the “Black Swan” director then set his sights on Michael Fassbender. Now that THAT hasn’t worked out, Deadline has Aronofsky now looking to Russell Crowe and Liam Neeson, with Crowe for the Noah part, and Neeson for another pivotal role.

Obviously the fact that two “hot” actors have already turned down the part and Aronofsky is now going after Crowe probably doesn’t do the actor’s ego any good. This could very well go the way of the “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies” movie, which has been having a dickens of a time landing a leading lady, and now seems stuck in limbo.

Aronofsky’s re-telling of the Noah story features a rewrite by “Gladiator” scribe John Logan. Maybe that’ll bring Crowe on board? Though if Jose Padhilla has something to say about it, Crowe could end up on the director’s “Robocop” remake instead.

Variety’s Jeff Sneider recently tweeted this bit of news that’s gotten all the Internet afluttered (as was probably the point, of course):

Sure, Russell Crowe, MIGHT star in Aronofsky’s NOAH… but do you know what else he MIGHT star in? Three words: Ro. Bo. Cop.

Russell Crowe as slain cop Alex Murphy, aka Robocop? Man, that’s intriguing on so many levels.

Update: Crowe has denied the “Robocop” rumor on Twitter, but has all but confirmed the “Noah” story.

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