Dave Gibbons Visits the Watchmen Set

A few days ago I posted comic book writer Alan Moore’s reaction to Zack Snyder’s movie adaptation of his “Watchmen”. He was not, not surprisingly, happy about it. But that’s Alan for ya, always kooky to the end. Dave Gibbons, the artist on “Watchmen”, feels a little bit differently about the movie; in fact, after a trip to the “Watchmen” set, he loved what he saw so much he took some pictures and made two entries on his visit at the Watchmen site.

A brief excerpt from Gibbons’ entries (here):

And I’m standing amongst them. Nite Owl shakes my hand. The Comedian slaps me on the back. Silk Spectre smiles a dazzling greeting. I’m overwhelmed by the depth and detail of what I’m seeing.

But more than that. I’m overwhelmed by the commitment, the passion, the palpable desire to do this right.

I’m starting to feel a glow that eclipses even Dr. Manhattan’s…

God, I wish I had never read “Watchmen” when it first came out, because knowing how it’ll all end is just going to kill about 99.9% of the enjoyment of watching this thing when it finally arrives in theaters. I hate myself.

Anyways, some pics from the set with Gibbons:

Dave Gibbons Visits the Watchmen Set

Dave Gibbons Visits the Watchmen Set