David Boreanaz Confirms Bones Season 7, Joins Officer Down

Besides recently tweeting that his procedural crime show “Bones” (co-starring Emily Deschanel as his humorless but brilliant crime-solving partner) has been picked up by Fox for a seventh season (yes, it’s actually been on six years going on seven, sheesh, where has the time gone?), the show’s star/producer David Boreanaz has also joined the cast of the indie flick “Officer Down”, which he’s shooting while on hiatus from the show.

The wacky sounding crime film by Brian A. Miller goes something like this:

When a doctor and security guard dream at night, their dreams consist of what the other person did during the day. They meet when the security guard murders his wife, is then hit by a car and brought into the doctor’s emergency room. Boreanaz will play a humorless and ambitious rival detective to another cop played by Stephen Dorff.

Boreanaz and Dorff will co-star with Dominic Purcell, Stephen Lang, James Woods and AnnaLynne McCord.

Shooting on “Officer Down” commences this week in Connecticut.

“Bones”, meanwhile, is currently in its sixth season, and yes, the producers are probably going to keep dragging out the “will they, won’t they” shtick to the bitter end. Sorry, shippers.