David Dobkin to Direct JLA Spin-off Flash Movie

Oh, Flash, will you EVER make it to the big screen? Well actually, Yes, he will, in the upcoming Justice League of America movie, that is. But apparently Warner Bros. likes the idea of spinning the Flash off into his own movie, as a sort of spin-off from the JLA movie — so the Flash, and the actor who plays him, will go from the JLA movie and right into his own Flash movie. At least, that’s the word from MTV, whose movie blog recently spoke to director David Dobkin (the upcoming “Fred Claus”), and he answered a question about which version the Flash in the movie would be and answered without hesitation, “Wally West”. He went on to give the the film’s tag line: “You can’t outrun yourself.”

Dobkin, as some of you may know, is the third director to be placed in charge of bringing the Scarlet Speedster to the big screen. The first person to take a crack at the property was comic book movie go-to guy David Goyer, who eventually left after two unsuccessful years and was replaced by “A Night in the Museum” director Shawn Levy. Now Dobkin has been given the reins, though it’s anybody’s guess for how long.

So, what do we now know? The Flash movie will exist in the same universe as the JLA movie, so the actor who is eventually cast as the JLA Flash will also be the stand-alone Flash. Meaning this will be a world where superheroes exist, so we probably won’t get much of an “Origins” story.

And yes, it seems evident that Ryan Reynolds will NOT be The Flash, as everyone had hoped. Plus, since the JLA movie would seem to take quite a while to make (up to two years, perhaps), the Flash movie will probably not make a speedy appearance in theaters for quite a while. 2009, maybe?

David Dobkin to Direct JLA-Spin-off Flash Movie