David Duchovny Says X-Files 2 Movie Has a Script

You can’t really blame David Duchovny for hyping up a possible second “X-Files” movie, considering that his career has been — well, what career? David’s big-screen adventures are filled with bombs, and his alien-chasing partner in crime, Gillian Anderson hasn’t exactly had a better time of it at the movies. While talking to critics at the Television Critics Association press tour, Duchovny was anxious to let everyone know that a script for “X-Files 2” has been written by show creator Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz, and that he expects to get the script sometime next week. If Fox gives the go-head, Duchovny says that he and Gillian Anderson (who is currently plying her trade in the UK) would happily sign up.

The film reportedly was delayed in part because of a now-settled lawsuit filed by Carter in late 2005 against 20th Century Fox Television alleging breach of contract, contractual interference and other claims over payments allegedly owed to him from the series.

Oh well. If the movie never gets made, David will still have his Showtime show “Californication” (it supposedly has lots of sex in it, oh joy) to fall back on. And I’m sure wife Tea Leoni can bring home the bacon in the meantime…

I don’t mean to be glib about the possibility of an “X-Files 2”. I was a big, big, BIG fan of the show when it first came on TV. I stuck by it when it barely got any ratings, and followed it diligently and obsessively all the way to its latter years. But somewhere along the way, the show lost me. I think it was when my Aunt from Oklahoma somehow got named as a mastermind in the show’s alien conspiracy mythology. I mean, seriously, folks, after a while, the show just became ridiculous.

Maybe the movie, if it gets made, will be better. I would sure like to hear Gillian Anderson utter the phrase, “Mulder, is that you?” just one more time… (“X-Files” fans will know what I’m talking about.)

David Duchovny Says X-Files 2 Movie Has a Script