David E. Kelley Still Optimistic About That Wonder Woman TV Show


Despite getting no takers when he shopped his “Wonder Woman” TV show script about earlier this month, creator of eccentric TV lawyer shows David E. Kelley is still optimistic that his version of the Amazonian Princess will, one day, show up on TV. Maybe even as early as next year?

Kelley told reporters on Thursday at the TCA winter press tour, where he was promoting his latest eccentric TV lawyer show “Harry’s Law” (See, cause her name’s Harry, but she’s actually a chick? Oh, the hilarity.) — via TVLine:

The bottom line is I had a lot of fun writing it, and we’re still optimistic that we’re going to do it. We’ve got a script that [Warner Bros. TV] and DC are very excited about.

So why did he think there were no takers earlier this month?

It’s a huge project… so it was a bit much to ask anyone to chew off for this next season, but I think everybody’s confident we are going to see it.

So there you have it. David E. Kelley’s “Wonder Woman” project is by no means dead. Or at least, that’s what people are telling David.

Author: Nix

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  • The Strongest There Is

    I wouldn’t mind seeing it. With a little updating, some real world grit, it could be great. It all goes with the casting for me. I dont want to see some little teeny bopper who cant act their way out of a wet paper back. I want a woman. I would even ask Monica Belluci to go into training for this. Anything but a little girl trying to be stern.
    Oh and Ded I sent you the email.

  • http://www.originalgeekspodcast.com/ Dedpool

    Got the email man! Impressive stuff. Ulike needs to hurry up LOL. I got enough stuff for all. After this weekend I’ll send you an email about ideas I’ve got and see what you can add to it and flesh out.

    As for WW I think it’s best suited for a big screen epic. The animated film had the right mix of mythology, super heroics and realism in the modern world. I agree about it being a woman playing the character but as good as Monica looks, she too old for the part, as is Catherine Zeta Jones who was always my pic.