David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman TV Show is Probably Dead

On second thought, maybe giving a comic book property to the same guy who only knows how to write about quirky lawyers doing quirky and eccentric things, the type of things that would get them kicked out of the profession if they tried it in real life, was not such a good idea. Either that, or as this Deadline article suggest, there were a lot of network politics at play. Regardless, your chance to see what a “Wonder Woman” TV show as created by the guy who did “Ally McBeal” and the gazillion other lawyer shows formerly and currently on TV would look like seems to be kaput.

The script was reportedly taken out to the broadcast networks on Wednesday night. Fox and ABC passed, while WBTV’s sister network the CW could not afford it. While the project was never considered a fit for Fox and was taken to the network mostly out of courtesy, the ABC pass was more politically motivated. With its empowered female lead, Wonder Woman seems well suited for the network, but word is a potential DC-Marvel clash got in the way.

Regardless of why, it doesn’t look like there are any takers for a “Wonder Woman” TV show by Kelley.

Don’t fret, though, fans of superheroes on TV. Marvel’s got plenty going on, including a new take on “The Hulk” and a new series starring a female superhero of their own called “AKA Jessica Jones” from “Twilight” writer Melissa Rosenberg.

Besides, I doubt if Kelley could ever write a scene like this: