David Fincher to Direct Black Hole

David Fincher is a busy man, with no less than four projects lined up for him to direct in the near future, which is kind of ironic considering that he’s been a very deliberate director in the past. In fact, before his 2007 movie “Zodiac”, his last film was 2002’s “Panic Room”. And now you can add the comic book adaptation of “Black Hole” to Fincher’s list of movies to direct.


Plan B and producer Kevin Messick are developing the project that’s based on Charles Burns’ graphic novel. Burns wrote and illustrated the 12-issue series that became the graphic novel over a 10-year period.

Story kicks off when a sexually transmitted “bug” is passed from teenager to teenager.

Eh, not a whole lot there, right? Here’s more via:

The setting is Seattle during the early ’70s. A sexually transmitted disease, the “bug,” is spreading among teenagers. Those who get it develop bizarre mutations—sometimes subtle, like a tiny mouth at the base of one boy’s neck, and sometimes obvious and grotesque. The most visibly deformed victims end up living as homeless campers in the woods, venturing into the streets only when they have to, shunned by normal society. The story follows two teens, Keith and Chris, as they get the bug. Their dreams and hallucinations—made of deeply disturbing symbolism merging sexuality and sickness—are a key part of the tale. The AIDS metaphor is obvious, but the bug also amplifies already existing teen emotions and the wrenching changes of puberty. Burns’s art is inhumanly precise, and he makes ordinary scenes as creepy as his nightmare visions of a world where intimacy means a life worse than death.

Wow, sounds like fun times at the movies. Ergh.

The project has gone through a number of hands, with Roger Avary and Neil Gaiman tapped to adapt the picture as early as 2006, and “High Tension” director Alexandre Aja originally scheduled to direct.

Besides “Black Hole”, Fincher is reportedly still on course to direct “Torso”, “The Killer”, and “Rendezvous with Rama”. He also has “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” scheduled for release later this year.

David Fincher to Direct Black Hole