David Goyer Talks Magneto, Jumper, Super Max, Invisible Man, and More

David S. Goyer is one busy man. No, let me rephrase that: I don’t know how anyone can work as hard or on as many projects at once the way David Goyer does. I swear there must be two or three Davids out there running around scripting “Magneto” and “Jumper” and scouting locations for “Magneto” while at the same time plotting the details of the latest Invisible Man movie. The guy is, in a word, prolific. In fact, if you looked up “prolific” in the dictionary, it could very well be David Goyer’s bald head staring back at you with a big, fanboy grin on his face.

Now David Goyer has talked to Wizard Mag about his upcoming projects, with emphasis on the “s” behind “project”.

About “Magneto”, which he will be writing and directing:

“We’re scouting and budgeting now. It’s the origins of the X-Men with Magneto and Charles Xavier. We’ve done some scouts and it mostly takes place in Europe and Argentina. We’re doing budgets and we’re sort of halfway crewed up, and so that’ll be the big question: whether we can bring it in for a price. But that’s all I can say.”

About “Jumper”, which he says will “divert” somewhat from the original novels:

“It’s based on one of the young adult books I’ve long been a fan of. My version diverged somewhat from [Steven Gould’s] book and then I actually left “˜Jumper’ to go do “˜The Invisible’ and then it’s diverged even more, but there’s still a lot of the original book in there.”

So what about that “Invisible Man” movie?

“So I had my agent inquire if Universal Studios was doing anything with it and it turned out they’ve been trying to develop an “˜Invisible Man’ thing for the last 10 years. They’re trying to redo some of their monster franchises like “˜The Creature From the Black Lagoon’ and “˜Wolfman’ and things like that. They just couldn’t figure it out, and everyone said””without giving away the whole concept”””˜Wow, why didn’t we think about that?’ I went in and I pitched this whole thing to Universal and to [producer] Brian Grazer and they loved it. So we were off and running.”

I wish I had an agent like that. But I digress.

And finally, what about the Green Arrow “Super Max” movie:

“We haven’t even officially turned in a script for that yet. The idea is that they’re mostly sort of third-tier DC villains, but that was part of the fun, that they’re relatively obscure. But Icicle is in it from JSA””from my days on writing that. I mean, people will recognize most of them. What we did was present to DC a list of people we wanted, and then they went through it on a case-by-case basis and told us whether we could have them or not.”

And hey, if all that wasn’t enough, the guy is positing writing (and maybe directing?) an episode of the “Heroes: Origins” spin-off show as well as going back to writing comics. Damn, if I worked that hard, I’d be dead by now!

David Goyer Talks Magneto, Jumper, Super Max, Invisible Man, and More