David Goyer to Pit The Man of Steel vs Brainiac and Lex Luthor

Ugh, Lex Luthor is back? Christ. Anyways, the latest news from the Fortress of Solitude is that David Goyer (left), Hollywood’s go-to guy for all things comic book related, has now come onboard Warner Bros.’ latest attempt to get a “Superman Returns” sequel (to be called “The Man of Steel”) off the ground before 2013, when the studio will lose the rights to the character to the heirs of Superman co-creators Jerome Siegel and Joe Shuster. That means they’ll need to get this bad boy in production by 2011 (or earlier) for at least a 2012 release, which serves them right for dragging their feet on the sequel.

Goyer, who has done everything from “Batman Begins” to “Blade”, sold Warner Bros. on his idea for a sequel: an action-packed story pitting Superman against Lex Luthor and the alien supervillain Brainiac. This of course would also mean that Goyer will be working on breathing new life into yet another D.C. superhero character with Christopher Nolan, who was announced as a “mentor” for “The Man of Steel” earlier this month.

As for former “Superman Returns” director Bryan Singer and star Brandon Routh? it doesn’t look like either men will be back.

Finally, a sequel! Man, I'm glad I kept the costume -- wait, what? I'm not coming back? Dammit!