David Goyer to Write a New Invisible Man

Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment have set go-to comic book writer guy David Goyer to redo H.G. Wells’ clasisc The Invisible Man character. Instead of “redoing” the classic, Goyer will write a sequel of sorts, in which the hero will be the nephew of the original Invisible Man. The film will also be set during World War II, and the nephew, who stumbles across his uncle’s secret invisibility formula, will be using his newfound power to battle Nazi scum as a member of British Intelligence.

Goyer is one busy dude. He’s been attached to, at one point or another, just about every comic book property that’s currently being turned into a movie. He’s done some very good work (parts of “Batman Begins” was just brilliant), and some very bad ones (TV’s “Nick Fury: Agent of Shield”, anyone?)

And maybe it’s just coincidence, but Goyer’s last movie was “The Invisible”, which he wrote and directed.