David O. Russell Aiming His Sights on 2 Guns, Too

David O. Russell used to have a reputation as being something of a douche bag. He also had a bad habit of getting into fights with his movie’s stars, including George Clooney during “Three Kings” and more famously, the YouTube clip of him engaging in a profanity-laden shouting match with Lily Tomlin while shooting “I Heart Huckabees” (see the clip below — it’s priceless).

Of course, in Hollywood you’re only as good as your last movie (unless, of course, you make crappy romantic comedies, those are so cheap you can probably get away with a bunch of stinkers — just ask Jennifer Aniston), and since O. Russell’s last movie was the critically acclaimed “The Fighter”, the director is now in demand again. With “Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune” set to be his next movie, O. Russell is already lining up a project to follow that up with.

Word from THR is that O. Russell is currently in negotiations to rewrite and direct the actioner “2 Guns”, based on a comic book by Boom! Studios for Universal. The property was last reported on over two years ago, when Vince Vaughn was attached to star as one of the film’s two protagonists: a DEA agent and an undercover Naval Intelligence officer who are unwittingly investigating each other and who steal mob money for the good guys before realizing that they were actually tricked into stealing $50 million from the CIA. Oops?

“2 Guns” was created by writer Steven Grant and artist Mat Santolouco.