David O. Russell Talks Leaving Uncharted, Going on a Mission, Two Guns, etc.

But strangely, not a peep about those two “The Fighter” sequels that Mark Wahlberg blurted out during the Spike TV Guy’s Choice Award. Go figure.

Anyways, speaking to THR while attending a Ghetto Film School shindig where he was getting an award, O’Russell finally revealed why he left “Uncharted”, Columbia’s would-be adaptation of the popular game. In a word? The ever popular “creative differences”.

What can I say, I waded into those waters of the tentpole movies, and I wrote what I wanted to write, and I feel like I wrote my vision. And the rest is up to those guys. I can’t pick for those guys. I don’t know what they want to do over there. It’s just a parting of the ways creatively.

With “Uncharted” gone from his schedule, O’Russell’s next project, he’s hoping, will be the comedy/drama “The Silverlining’s Playbook” with Wahlberg and Robert De Niro.

It’s like The Fighter – very emotional, very intense, but also probably more comedy in it. It’s about a family dealing with a lot of issue – stuff I do good, that’s in my wheelhouse.

He also has a couple of other projects on the horizon that sounds good, but he probably won’t be getting to anytime soon, if, that is, he even stays on them. Suddenly-hot directors have a bad habit of attaching themselves to multiple projects when they know damn well they can’t actually do all of them. See: Justin Lin.

One of those potential projects is a “romantic Western” called “Two Guns”, and something called “Mission” (not to be confused with that long-in-development remake of Johnnie To’s “The Mission”) with “Transformers” producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura.