David O. Russell Won’t be Exploring Uncharted After All

Looks like a lot of directors are using today as the day to jump ship from projects that they’ve been long-attached to.

First Albert Hughes (one half of the Hughes Brothers) decided that staying on the sinking ship that is Warner Bros.’ “Akira” was no longer for him, and now Variety is reporting that David O. Russell, fresh off his award-winning comeback film “The Fighter”, has dived clear of the videogame adaptation of “Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune”.

The trade calls the split the result of “creative differences”, the ever popular excuse whenever anyone leaves a project. That and “scheduling conflicts”. Interchangeable, really.

This should make a lot of gamers happy, as like “Akira”, there were plenty of detractors to Russell’s involvement in “Uncharted”, but specifically because of his visions for it.

Of course, with Russell gone, where does that leave his “Fighter” star Mark Wahlberg, who like Russell, has been attached to “Uncharted” for a while? Who knows, but the two will still work together on Russell’s “The Silver Linings Playbook”. Unless, of course, he leaves that one, too.

"See, this is how I got rid of David O. Russell. Bam! Right to the kisser."