David Oyelowo Takes a Shot at Jack Reacher in One Shot

David OyelowoOkay, so that title is a tad misleading, since according to Variety, David Oyelowo (last seen torturing apes in “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”) is playing “a veteran homicide detective investigating a mall sniping that Reacher gets involved in.” So he’s one of the good guys.

He’ll be joining forces with Jack Reacher, Lee Child’s former military MP turned badass drifter and righter of wrongs. Tom Cruise will play Reacher, a man so physically intimidating and knowledgeable about ass kicking that he can kill you with a single punch to the chest. Hey, he did it once. How Cruise will pull the role off, I’m dying to see.

“Way of the Gun’s” Christopher McQuarrie adapted the Child novel “One Shot”, and will also direct. The plot finds Reacher in Pittsburgh after an acquaintance from his army days goes on a shooting spree with a sniper rifle. The man says he didn’t do it. But if he didn’t, then who?

Besides Cruise and now Oyelowo, the cast also includes Rosamund Pike, who was last reported to be in negotiations to play Reacher’s lawyer ally, having beaten out Alexa Davalos and “Captain America’s” Hayley Atwell for the privilege.

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