David Slade Enters The Widow’s Web

David Slade on the set of The Twlight Saga - Eclipse (2010) Movie Image

If you’re enjoying NBC’s “Hannibal”, then it’s probably thanks to David Slade, who directed the first few episodes of the serial killer drama. He’s got a very distinct style that just translates well to grim and gritty thrillers, even when they involve vampires (as they did in “30 Days of Night”) and yes, one of the “Twilight” movies (look, those mortgages don’t pay themselves, you know).

Slade’s latest is “The Widow”, a psychological thriller for Vendome Pictures.

There is no cast yet, but the film centers on “a young woman who befriends a lonely widow only to discover that their encounter was not a coincidence.”

Uh oh. I smell naughty shenanigans.

Says Philippe Rousselet, chief of Vendome, about Slade and the project:

We are thrilled to be working on this piece with David. He is such a dynamic filmmaker, and we are excited about his vision to make this movie a throwback to some of the most iconic thrillers in cinematic history — not to mention the two females leads being the strongest and most interesting we have seen in some time.

Translation: chick fight!

Slade will direct from a script by Ray Wright, with the film now out to actors. Slade, by the way, was at one point scheduled to direct a “Daredevil” movie. Oh, what might have been…

Via : THR