David Slade in Talks to Direct Twilight Eclipse?

Looks like Summit Entertainment is all over the news today. First there was that rumor they were already prepping “Breaking Dawn”, the fourth installment in the franchise, then the first official pic from “New Moon” revealed the shirtless Wolf Pack, and now comes another rumor regarding “Eclipse”, the third installment in the series. Namely, another director has surfaced as a contender for the coveted gig.

According to Nikki Finke over at Deadline Hollywood, director David Slade is currently in talks with the Summit people about directing “Eclipse”. Nothing has come out of it yet, but they are talking. Previous names attached to the director’s chair for “Eclipse” included Drew Barrymore (not gonna happen) and Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona.

For those unaware of his work, Slade is no stranger to characters with fangs. He previously helmed the horror movie “30 Days of Night”, about a band of bloodthirsty vampires that descend on a small Alaskan town. Kinda sounds a lot like “Twilight”, right? Of course if Slade is hired, it will mean that Summit is looking to put some real bite into their franchise, because you don’t hire a guy like Slade (pictured, top left) and ask him to go vanilla, especially when werewolves and vampires are involved.