David Slade is THIS Close to Directing the Wolverine Sequel

Or at least, that’s according to NYMag, who cites unnamed insiders within the hallowed halls of Fox as saying that the studio have narrowed their choices for “Wolverine 2” director to two names: Robert Schwentke, who has the upcoming Bruce Willis comic book movie (though honestly, it looks nothing like a comic book movie) “Red” coming up, and David Slade, last seen making a paycheck on the last “Twilight” movie. (Hey, someone’s gotta pay the bills.)

Slade apparently has the heads up on the gig, but of course, it’s still just a rumor until the studio confirms it. The person with the power to say Yes to Slade is Hugh Jackman himself, who was recently announced as dropping one movie just to concentrate on beefing up for the role.

Slade is a fine choice for director, and he’s already proven more than capable of doing mainstream work (“Twilight Eclipse”), gritty thrillers (“Hard Candy”), and is more than willing to wallow in the blood and muck of a horror movie (“30 Days of Night”). But if the studio had their way, I’m sure they would go with Schwentke, who is more of a polished director of mainstream commercial movies. It’s a good thing, then, that Jackman has the final say…

Whoever ends up with the gig, they’ll be directing from a script by “Way of the Gun” writer/director Christopher McQuarrie. The sequel will land Logan (that’s Wolverine to you non-comic book reading folks) in Japan, where he will find true love in the form of a Japanese lady, who just happens to already be engaged to another man. The lady’s samurai sword wielding family does not take too kindly to the interloper. Presumably, hilarity and much bloodletting, as they say, ensue.

Japanese chicks dig hairy men. The cool hair helps, too.