David Slade to Direct The First 2 Episodes of PSN’s Powers TV Show

Powers Comic Book Panel

David Slade is a great movie director (that brief foray into paycheck territory with “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” notwithstanding — hey, guy’s got mortgages to pay, probably), and as it turns out, he’s also a pretty snazzy TV director, too. The man who gave us “30 Days of Nights” on the big screen and multiple episodes of “Hannibal” on the small screen will now be giving us the first two episodes of the Playstation Network’s original show “Powers.”

“Powers,” in case you lost track, was supposed to be a big-time FX Channel TV series, based on the comic book of the same name about a world filled with superheroes. The show’s angle was that it would concentrate on the non-powered cops who have to deal with this new breed of menace.

Well, “Powers” never really got anywhere on FX after years of development, and even though it actually shot a pilot episode with Jason Patric in the lead, it never made it to air. The show has since gotten Netflix’ed, and has resurfaced on the online gaming service PSN as an original show.

The show is currently set for a December debut, which is interesting, because it doesn’t even have a cast yet. Hopefully when it finally does, it will actually make it to air.

Or, well, online, anyway.

Via : Zap2it