David Slade’s Daredevil Gets Another Writer

Kingpin Comic Book CharacterLast we heard on the topic of “30 Days of Night” director David Slade’s impending reboot of Fox’s “Daredevil”, a writer had turned in a script. Apparently it wasn’t a very good script, or the studio wasn’t very enamored with it, because Fox has since hired another writer to take yet another crack at the reboot.

Scribe David James Kelly has been hired to rewrite a previous script by Brad Caleb Kane (“Fringe”), with the idea still being an adaptation of the Frank Miller/David Mazzucchelli “Born Again” story arc in the “Daredevil” comic book from the ’80s.

In “Born Again”, Daredevil’s archnemesis, the Kingpin finally uncovers the superhero’s civilian alter ego, crusading (and blind) attorney Matt Murdock. The bad guy, as bad guys are wont to do, uses that information to make the man without fear’s life, and the life of those around him, including girlfriend Karen Page, a living hell.

Fox is on something of a comic book rebooting frenzy lately. Besides “Daredevil”, they’ve got “The Fantastic Four” (possibly with Josh Trank) on the horizon, and they basically rebooted the X-Men franchise with “First Class” last year, and the same with Wolverine in “The Wolverine” this upcoming year.

Daredevil Comic Book Born Again Storyline

Via : Deadline