David Strathairn Joins A Tale of Two Sisters Remake

Add actor David Strathairn (in the upcoming “Bourne Ultimatum”) to the list of actors on the upcoming Dreamworks remake of the Korean horror film “A Tale of Two Sisters”. Strathairn joins Elizabeth Banks, who will headline the film as the disturbed stepmother to two troubled girls. The original was written and directed by Ji-woon Kim, but the remake will be directed by Charles and Thomas Guard (“Round About Five”) from a script by Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro.

Based on a classic Korean folk tale infused with ’70s British horror. The DreamWorks version centers on modern-day teenage sisters Anna and Alex Rydell who return home from a mental hospital only to find their recovery unraveling because of a cruel stepmother, clueless father and a lingering ghost.

No word on who will play the twins, but I still recommend the Olsen Twins. Come on, they’re creepy as hell!