Day of the Dead Remake Goes Straight to DVD

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According to the spooky goons that run Upcoming Horror Movies, the much derided “Day of the Dead” remake has shown its true colors and gone straight to DVD, thus saving us the trouble of having to spend good money on popcorn to enjoy its, apparently, crappiness. How else to explain why a movie based on a real horror classic is going straight to DVD?


It looks like the film is bypassing the supposed theatrical release and going straight to DVD via First Look Home Entertainment on April 8th. So far, you can expect a commentary track with writer Jeffrey Reddick, director Steve Miner and some of the cast members. An “Internet Only” trailer and alternate ending will also make an appearance. Take a look above for the DVD artwork.

No surprise at all for this one. This thing has been delayed and reshot more often than Paris Hilton’s trips to the STD clinic.

Day of the Dead Remake Goes Straight to DVD

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