Daybreakers 2, Total Recall Remake, Wolverine, Transformers 2, Lust Caution

Total Recall Remake: So, uh, the Weinstein boys want to remake the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie “Total Recall”. Not an altogether bad idea, I think, considering I really liked the original, but it did have some problems, mostly associated with lame sets. The robot taxi, the Mars locations — all pretty terrible set designs, if you ask me. Other than that, a bigger production set and a younger leading man (may I suggest either The Rock or Vin Diesel? God knows these two can use a hit about now) could make this thing worthwhile. And no, I don’t even want an Ah-nuld cameo. I think we can do without that, can’t we?

Says Moviehole:

The Weinstein’s planned to do a TR sequel — “Minority Report” kinda beat them to the punch, dontcha think? — for the longest time, and with Arnold Schwarzenegger back in the drivers seat, but with the Oak as busy as a bee at a honey festival and Spielberg beating the brothers to the punch, the word is the new film won’t be so much a sequel than it’ll be…. a remake. It kinda… has to be.

There was actually already a TV series a while ago, but it didn’t last very long as I recall…


Daybreakers: The first “Daybreakers” hasn’t even reached theaters yet, but star Ethan Hawkes is already thinking about the sequel, and what he wants it to be like. In a word: “Mad Max with Vampires.” Or, as Ethan Hawkes himself puts it:

“I have this dream Daybreakers will be Mad Max and the next will be even better.”

It’s not like I’ve heard bad things about the movie, but it’s also not like I’ve heard GREAT things about it, either. And whenever a filmmaker or actor starts talking about a sequel before the first installment even comes out, it always has me worried that they’re going to cheat on the first and not put as much into it as they should.


Wolverine: Hugh Jackman’s furry Canucklehead has always been the best thing about the X-men films (beyond the really attractive girls in their tight form-fitting outfits, I mean), so it’s no surprise that Wolverine is getting his own movie, and now a start date for production: November of this year, and the location is Sydney, Australia. (Jackman just happens to be Australian, by the way. Coincidence?)

Gavin Hood will be directing, and Hugh Jackman returns as the easily pissed off muntant runt.


Transformers 2: It appears as if the impending Hollywood writers strike may be delaying the start-up date for “Transformers 2”, at least according to producer Don Murphy, you said this:

“But since no one wants to be filming IF a strike happens, everything needs to be done filming by the end of May 2008. So this is affecting the lack of news about Transformers 2 at least for now.”

Stupid strike.


Lust, Caution: Hollywood’s MPAA may have problems with Ang Lee’s too-hot-for-screens “Lust, Caution”, but the folks at the Venice Film Festival don’t. Lee’s film, set in WWII-era Shanghai, took home the prestigious Golden Lion on Saturday at the 2007 Venice Film Festival, marking the second time Lee has grabbed the statue (or whatever it is they give away there) after 2004’s “Brokeback Mountain”. Other winners include Brian DePalma, Cate Blanchett, and Brad Pitt’s long-delayed Western, “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward John Ford”.