Daybreakers Headed to DVD and Blu-Ray This Summer

Did you miss the Spierig Brothers’ glossy sci-fi vampire flick “Daybreakers” when it debuted in theaters back in January? Don’t feel bad — you’re not the only one who let it foolishly pass you by. According to the folks at Shock Till You Drop, this ambitious blood-sucking actioner is scheduled to violently assault retailers on June 1st, and should include a host of extras on both DVD and Blu-ray. The latter, of course, comes packed with some exclusive content, including a feature-length documentary chronicling the behind-the-scenes madness of the filmmaking process. Considering I’ve yet to make the transition to high-definition, chances are this isn’t going to change my mind. Those of you who are already on-board, however, should definitely take a peek or two.

If you’re curious about the film’s overall quality, check out Nix’s review of Daybreakers. It’s a good read any way you slice and dice it. And while no official artwork has been released, I’m hoping they go with something along the lines of the poster embedded below. Snazzy!