Dead Babies are Out for Revenge in the Thai Horror Outing 2002 Unborn Children

If you want to see some truly shocking and depraved horror movies, turn to Thailand. The vast majority of their horror output deals with one controversial subject or another, which, in my opinion, is precisely what horror should do. And while plot details surrounding the upcoming genre effort “2002 Unborn Children” are sketchy at best, it’s not too hard to figure out that there are a lot of dead babies looking for a little revenge. Once you’ve seen the fan-subbed teasers and have gazed longingly at the embedded poster, a very disturbing story begins to take shape. I’m definitely intrigued.

“2002 Unborn Children” opens in Thailand this March. Once again, special thanks to Film Smash for providing the details about this dark and dreary flick.

The Unborn Child (2011) Movie Poster