Deadpool Gets His Own Solo Game. And Trailer.

Deadpool Game Trailer

Rejoice, fans of mouthy, masked, horribly disfigured mercenaries! The most famous, lovable killer in all of the Marvel Universe is getting his own honest to goodness solo Deadpool game. It promises to star just Deadpool killing a whole lotta people. Hey, just because we will probably never get have to wait for that “Deadpool” movie for a few more years still, it doesn’t mean we have to wait to be the Merc with a Mouth.

I don’t know what kind of game this will be — it looks third-person, but then there are some FPS components, if that scene with the mini-gun is any indication — but if it’s even half as fun as this trailer, than fans of the character will probably be pleased. And if not? Well, as with Wolverine, I’m guessing Deadpool would tell them to go suck it.

No word on a release date yet (heck, you can’t even pre-order it as of now, sorry kids), but you can follow the Merc with a Mouth’s gaming antics at his official site.